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How to Wear Neon

DAQUI Last summer we saw a bit of the neon trend, however this summer neon is back in a big way. Are you onboard? While you may not think this trend is for you let's talk about how you can pull off the neon trend and not look ridiculous. 1. Small doses. Very few people can pull off a head to toe neon look. Remember, when it comes to neon, a little goes a long way. Try a t-shirt peeking out of a jacket or cardigan OR a skinny belt. 2. Use accessories. When introducing a new trend always start with accessories. It is the easiest way to introduce the trend into your wardrobe. Changing out accessories is also a great and inexpensive way to try new trends. 3. Pair with Neutrals. Think about wearing neon with white, black, and nude (my personal favorite). It will make the neon pieces pop and keep the overall look balanced. 4. Find Classic Pieces. When you find classic items in a neon color with structure such as a blazer, pencil skirt, or trenchcoat the overall look ins


Um fim de semana que se iniciou em festa!  ... continuou com boa comida ! ... a apreciar a natureza em todo o seu esplendor!    ... e uma tarde de sol ,  com Muita Música! .... e finalizou-se com um aromático Chá ! num local onde podemos escolher entre uma diversidade de aromas! Foi um fim de semana cheio de CORES E SONS , mas isso fica para o próximo post!


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